WandaVision May Be Exactly What The MCU Needs

For some reason this is the MCU Disney+ series that I am looking forward to the post. True that Falcon and Winter Soldier will probably be a dissection of the modern political landscape, told through the appearance of Superheroes and also true that Loki will in fact star Loki, something which we all love, but out of the original three shows that Disney+ announced this was always my favorite. I guess it was the fact that this series is really going to take us into the unknown.

The series is going to help further define what Wanda can do. You see in Marvel comics Wanda’s powers have been retconned over and over again, plus in the MCU her abilities have never really been defined. This leaves the writers open to choose how they are going to interpret them. It seems that she usually has either or all of these: 

  1. The ability to alter probability

  2. The ability to alter reality

  3. Straight up Magic

You mix that in with a girl who has seen nothing but tragedy. With the destruction of her homeland, death of her parents, experimentation by Hydra, betrayal of Ultron, death of her brother, starting the Civil War events, being forced to kill the ones she loves, only to see him returned and then murdered again, you are going to get something very dark and very interesting.

Wanda’s mind is going to be in a very fragile place and maybe this series will see her either retreat within herself or more likely try and bring Vision back from the dead. To me it seems that her fractured psyche has started to forge her own fictional world, one based on classic American sitcoms, But Wanda and Vision will not be the only familiar faces popping up this series.

Both Kat Dennings and Randall Park will be reprising their roles as  Darcy Lewis (From Thor) and Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and the Wasp respectively. Technically speaking there will also be a third MCU character returning, just you may not recognize this one. Monica Rambeau, the little girl from Captain Marvel, is returning now as an adult played by Teyonah Parris. So this should be interesting. 

Perhaps Jimmy is putting together a team to track down Meta’s both Monica and Darcy would have experience in this field.

As it stands this show has the most potential out of the current crop of Disney+ series and I hope you all enjoy it.

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