The Drew & Look Podcast Episode 2

The world of Firefly means a lot to me, without it I would not have met at least one amazing friend, without it I would not have gotten through one of the worst Christmas Days of my entire life and without it I would not have ended up standing outside on a dark street at 3am in San Diego with two good buddies. In 13 episodes, one movie and a collection of books it has sucked me in. Lord knows I am not the only one. If you are a fellow Brown Coat then you should check out the latest episode of The Drew And Look Podcast.

This episode see’s cartoonist and novelist Andy Luke take a deep dive into one of his favourite films, Serenity. If you are not familiar with Serenity and are still reading this, it is about time that I fill you in. Serenity was the movie sequel to the Tv series Firefly, it is about the crew of the space ship Serenity. You have a couple of ex soldiers, a quirky pilot, a gruff badass, a very adorkable mechanic, a priest with a past, a high class umm lady of the night and of course the Tam siblings, one is a genius Doctor and the other is a psychic.

The film delves into the back story of the younger Tam Sibling, River and how her Government experimented on her. It is very good I suggest you watch it. In fact watch it and check out Andy’s most excellent Podcast about it.

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