So Far The Snyder Cut Has Not Impressed Me

Unpopular opinion but I am not impressed. After all we have pretty much seen all this before and Snyder confirms that he is only using his footage to make this movie. I have defended his work in the past, the man can create a visually delightful scene, but he cannot tie them together in a coherent way. Not only that but he makes downright odd choices in these movies such as killing off Jimmy Olsen, Pa Kent and mercy Graves.

He has been given millions of dollars to remake something he already did, not only that but he has hindsight on his side. Mix in the ability to release this is a longer format and you have an absolute slam dunk. 

I am not defending the original film, but Snyder through a lot of shade towards Joss Whedon over his Justice League movie, so Snyder better be able to deliver the goods. 

At the end of the Day Warner will be the only definite winner in this scenario and it is going to be an interesting ride.

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