Ani-Mia Needs Your Help !!!

A while back Cosplayer/host/Writer Ani-Mia hurt her finger. In fact she sliced it open while she was cooking. This is a really common mistake, a few years ago I did  the same thing and luckily I was able to go to my UK based hospital and get it fixed free of charge. Unfortunately for Mia she is in America and sorry to all my USA based readers but your healthcare system is kind of awful. 

She ended up being charged Two Thousand dollars for one finger. Which I am sorry darlings is extreme by any standard. Few people have that kind of cash on hand. So to help raise money to pay for this she has launched a sale on her online store. (Try to remember that as a cosplayer who makes most of her money working the convention circuit Covid has really hit her business hard)

Unlike a lot of cosplayer’s her store has a great variety of products. Including these Micky Mouse Lunch Box Purses.

The Store Description has this to say about them:

This is a vintage Mickey Mouse container that has been converted into a one of a kind artistic purse. Because of this, there may be some original defects that come from the original being 40-50 years old. Refurbished and redesigned to be an art piece as well as a fashion accessory. There will only one of this design made so this is an original piece. The inside is small and this is more of a decorative purse than anything highly functional.

Of course Like any cosplayer she has plenty of cosplay in her store such as these shoots:

Maybe you are not really into cosplay and you just want to help, well there is an option for that too. Just follow this link and donate as much as you can.


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