Belle Delphine Is Back And She Is Still An Adorable Troll

2020 has been a total shit show but the SUPREME QUEEN OF SEXY TROLLING has returned. Was her absence a great marketing ploy or is she perhaps the herald of the Sexy Apocalypse?

Who knows but her reappearance into the world has set the internet alight. In true Belle Delphine fashion she returned out with a music video that is fucking bonkers.

Kicking off she reminds us all she is not dead and even below has commented that it is time for the Simp Nation to rise up. 

(Btw if you do not know what  Simp is, according to the internet, a man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.)

As for the nation rising up I have already had two male friends message me to inform that she has pulled that one off. I know she gets a lot of hate but I really do respect this women, she knows her target audience and fucking runs with it. From selling bathwater, to a ridiculous Pornhub account and now this insane video, she does not give a fuck and wants you all to know about it.

Apparently the song is a parody on one by 6ix9ine – that I cannot guarantee because well I am not expert on his music but I know that she enlisted the help of Senzawa for the vocals, so if you want to hear more then head over to their channel.

And if you are wondering why now?

Why bring this video out?

Well it is all to show off her only fans content. Yes because it is 2020 Belle has opened her own Only Fans page.

Long Live Our Glorious Queen Troll.



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