The Mandalorian Is Looking Epic

I was hesitant about this at first, but after watching a little bit more I am completely sold. So far details are sparse but we know that the series will be set 5 years after Return Of The Jedi and before the founding of the first order. This will let the series hopefully fill in a few gaps that the current cannon has yet to fill. 

As I said earlier details are sparse but we do know some interesting facts. For instance Taika Waititi will be voicing the clueless droi IG-11 who will the unfortunate problem of being confused with the more famous IG-88. We know that Carl Weathers will be in charge of a group of Bounty Hunters, we also know that the Empire is still somewhat active – but in a reduced capacity. The series oozes classic syfy and brings back memories of shows like Firefly and Battlestar. I guess Disney can just sign me up for their subscription service.


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