Do You Wanna See Star Wars First?

This moment has been 42 years in the making, with as of this moment 12 films, 3 made for Tv movies, 5 Tv series, dozens of video games, hundreds of books and an endless supply of fan made content Star Wars is like no other franchise, its longevity and originally has been the subject of envy and parody yet over and over again it comes out on top. With that in mind I am sure plenty of you hungry fans would go to the dark side to see the new film early?

Well what if there was a way you could see it early, but stay in the light?

Omaze has you covered.

Not only will Omaze fly you out to LA and put up in a 4-star hotel, they you going to be among the first to see the conclusion of the Skywalker saga and if that isn’t enough you will be surrounded by the cast and you will have the opportunity to meet up with Daisy Ridley (aka Rey) at the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and use the Force to take the perfect selfie.

All you need do is enter here and all proceeds go to the excellent cause of GEANCO whose stated mission is to save and transform lives in Africa by focusing on the health and education.


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