Vikings Season 6 May Bring Us Some Much Needed Redemption

Season six is looking epic, like they want to redeem for what happened during season five. By the way I am a defender of the previous season, but that does not stop it being the weakest season. Six on the other hand looks like they have taken the “Go Big Or Go Home” strategy.

Alexander Ludwig shared the trailer via  his Instagram page.He told us that: ‘The finale season begins December 4th! WHOS READY FOR THE INSANITY?!’.

At the same time fan favorites Katheryn Winnick  who plays Lagertha, said: ‘I guess my most memorable battle has to be Lagertha’s next battle in season six.

Season 6 will be introducing the Rus who are the Viking descendants that would eventually create Russia. And that is what I love about Vikings, even if many of the characters are inaccurate it still helps show us how far flung these people truly where.

Anyone else ready to watch Season 6?

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