My Thoughts On Birds Of Prey First Trailer

Let’s face it the DCEU is kind of a mess, at least when compared to the MCU but Birds of Prey AKA Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn may be one of its strongest contenders. Because let’s face it when the DCEU is at its best it’s fantastic. I know it has been a rough start but sift through what the DCEU has put it out and you will see the potential for a universe that could easily rival Marvel – they just need to make themselves stand apart from Marvel and Birds of Prey may be the film to do that.

So why do I have faith in this project?

While Marvel gives us a brief moment of all the female characters teaming up DC will be the first to give us an all female lead team. Yet you just know that when Marvel finally get round to doing the same they will make a huge deal out of it. Not only is this the first all female comic book team up film, the women in the roles are all of different ages, which adds a nice variety to the film where we are not just staring at a bunch of young ladies in their 20’s.

It stars Margot Robbie. Say what you want about Suicide Squad but she was one of the best characters in that film, not only that but Robbie has shown that she is far more a pretty face but she also has the charisma to hold together a project all on her own. Not only that but any role she takes on tends to make the film better. To keep it simple she adds to what she works on.

I love the Marvel films, but after a while, they all start to look and feel the same. The film like Harley herself looks to be an utterly unique creature, one that is balls to the wall fun, psychedelic, mad but with a soft spot that wants to do right.

Another totally underrated decision by the studio was to have Cathy Yan has the Director. This will be the first western super hero film directed by a non white non male director and that is important because in the end this means that this film will have a unique view, one we can all appreciate plus let’s face it only a women could do Birds Of Prey justice.

Finally the fact that the film is going to be R Rated is very important, this will further distance it from the MCU and also all previous DC films. 

Looking at the trailer my only major issues are with their vision of Black Mask and Cassandra Cain: but this film will serve as their origin story so maybe this is the first step in bringing those characters to life in  way that will please the fans.

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