The New RWBY Trailer Reminded Me Why I Love This Series

You all have just under a month to get caught up with RWBY volumes 1 – 6 because on the 2nd of November Volume 7 will grace our screens. If you have not seen the series then think of like Harry Potter meets Naruto but with guns, lots of guns. Not only that but the series boasts a mostly female cast, one that is never sexualised and instead treated like heroes, even when they are at their lowest.

Due to how life has treated me this past year I have fallen way behind with RWBY but this new trailer has me fully pumped up for another trip to Remnant. 

The new season also brings some modifications to our heroines outfits, adding a few extra layers to prepare them for the cold winter ahead. I particularity like the longer skirt they have given to Weiss and Blake’s new short hair.

If you want something a little different this series will be for you.

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