Luxlo Cosplay The Queen Of Persona 5 Cosplay

If you have been following this site for the past year you will know that I am a huge fan of all things Persona 5. We have covered updates to the game, visiting the actual locations and even our favorite Cosplayers inspired outfits. It is the last of those topics that have inspired this list. If you remember from our original Persona 5 cosplay list you will see that Luxlo Cosplay got the number one spot by the quality and sheer volume of her costumes.

Knowing that she is probably the Queen of all things Persona 5 i thought it only logical to have an in depth look at the various characters and styles she has tackled. Before we go on there are a few useful links I thought I would share with you all because let’s face it after reading this you are all going to be huge fans of her work.








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Sae Nijima


Sadly with Sae she has only ever covered her Shadow look and though I think she could easily pull of the pants suit I don’t think anyone here is disappointed with this cosplay. When it comes to Shadow Sae her outfit is spot on, oozing demonic sex appeal yet nothing can quite top that mischievous look that she has upon her face. Just looking at her we know she is going to make our lives hell but the gamble will be worth it.

Makoto Niijima

Now we move onto what can only be described as the “Best Girl” because if you chose to romance anyone other than Makoto you were wrong. Donning a pair of red contact lenses Luxlo has covered Makoto’s casual, beach, Dancing in Starlight and several original looks. Even when she deviates she does it in a way that you know it’s character appropriate. One running theme in all these photos is that just like Makoto she just defines confidence.

Futaba Sakura

There has been little to no deviation with this costume and to make it that little more in line with Futaba the talented cosplayer has gone ahead and taken photos inside an arcade. Being the giant dork that Futaba is you would expect to find her hanging around Akihabara kicking NPC’s asses at any game possible. And maybe it is just me but she seems to have captured that dorky, innocent, curiosity that made us adore the character in the first place.

Ann Takamaki

Of course Luxlo Cosplay was going to have a go at Ann, she is probably one of the most popular characters in the game. As for costumes she covers Ann’s main three outfits, Uniform, beach and Panther. All three are perfect and honestly the likeness is a little freaky, it is almost like she was born to play this role.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

Currently very little is known about Kasumi but we do know that she is an upcoming character in the new Persona 5. Still if I am correct within days of her being announced Luxlo Csoplay had this outfit ready to go, which is bloody impressive.

Ren AKA The Protagonist

A little cross play here but you can hardly argue with the results. Think of this more as a what if the main character was a girl instead of a guy. It is simple but works and she looks pretty cute in the outfit so it is an absolute win.

Are there any other Persona 5 Cosplays you would like to see this amazingly talented women take on next?

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