My Top 5 Spaced Moments

Spaced is one of the greatest Tv shows ever made. It was written by and starred Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and Edgar Wright directed every episode. It followed the downright weird adventures of Tim and Daisy (Pegg and Stevenson) two Londoners in their 20’s who impulsively move in together so they can get a cheap home. Supporting characters included Nick Frost as Tim’s best friend Mike, Katy Carmichael as Daisy’s best friend Twist, Mark Heap as lodger Brian who lives downstairs and Julia Deakin as landlady Marsha. But the series also featured Bill Bailey, Peter Serafinowicz and Ricky Gervais to name a few. It was a truly original series and paved the way for the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy. So why talk about it?

Well Spaced is officially 20 years old and in honor of that I thought I would pick out my five favorite moments from the series.

Five – Resident Evil 2

I wont lie when I was younger this scene kind of weirded me out. Now it is one of my all time favorite moments in Spaced. To set the scene after taking a lot of bad speed, Tim has been awake all night playing Resident Evil 2 and to make matters worse he has been dragged to an art show full of weirdly dressed sexually ambiguous persons. Tim eventually starts freaking out and begins attacking everyone that he views as a “threat”. It was a very Non PC moment but the joke is 20 minutes of build up and 20 seconds pf pay off, my kind of humor and is 100% worth it.

Four – All Men’s Secret

In the episode Gone Daisy learns the secret connection that binds all men – we have an insatiable need for fictional gun fights. To this day me and my friends will recreate this scene, for no particular reason other than we love it.

Three – Getting Revenge On The Other Guy

In Season 1 we knew that SImon Pegg’s Tim had been dumped by his gf only to date his former best friend. In the episode Battles we finally meet the former friend Duane Benzie (Peter Serafinowicz) and Tim takes him down a peg (or should I say Pegg) while they enjoy some paintball.

Two – Lets Weave

Fact – a good night of clubbing can fix all your problems – also fact a good night of clubbing is like a unicorn. In this scene the group end up taking a bunch of ecstasy on a night out and what follows is a pretty accurate representation of what happens when a bunch of people take E. A lot of love and a lot of dancing.

Also this episode was the first time we ever met Tyres:

One – Fixing Everything

In the finale episode of the series the boys need to scramble to fix all their mistakes yet nothing compares to Mike’s plan to use a tank and a Boom Box playing Take That’s – Want You Back, to recreate the infamous scene from Say Anything. As with everything else in this series it is utterly absurd but it also full of heart and always makes me smile.

A truly pioneering series that rightly deserves it place in geek culture. But now I must ask did I miss anything ?

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