A New Treat From The Cable Guys

Any and all Call of Duty fans will love this. Especially if they are in need of charging their gear, this possibly “military graded” officially licensed Call of Duty collectible will do the trick. Fans of the franchise will quickly notice that it features Captain Price. Price being one of the few characters to be in every Modern Warfare game, this really is a must have for FPS fans everywhere. Just think every time you are a struggling in a game you could look across and see Captain Price staring right at you, hopefully this will fill you with inspiration and make you go that little bit harder and kick your opponents ass.

This exquisite design from Modern Warfare is 8” tall and can hold any smartphone or gaming controller central, not only that but it comes with a three meter long cable to give you plenty of options when it comes to placement. Created and crafted by leading brand Cable Guys, the Call of Duty, Captain Price collectable costs £19.99 from

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