My Top 5 Moments From The Flash

With the latest season of the flash almost upon us I thought it only appropriate that I list my top five moments from this always awesome series.

Five – The Death of HR

I know I am starting with a complete downer but this single moment redefined a character. Back in season 3 the team where in need of a new Harrison Wells, enter HR the drum stick twirling alternate version simply known as HR. From the very start he came off as a little odd – there was something that was not quite right about this guy and eventually we would learn that in all the multiverse this was the only HR who is not a genius. Unsurprisingly he would be the only HR to make the emotional decision to sacrifice himself for the mission. You see throughout the Season 3 arc  we knew that the big bad Savitar was going to kill Iris, the Flashes one true love. right at the end HR would pull the ultimate switch and take her place.

Looking back this death should not have  shocked anyone because looking back it is totally within his character:

  1. It’s the ultimate heist and we all know HR loves a good heist

  2. It is very dramatic and full of flare

  3. It is an act of emotion and love which in the end is what HR is all about

  4. This plan was truly inspired – HR always claimed he was a source of inspiration

Over the curse of Season 3 we would find his character truly annoying but then at this exact moment he would become an adored and beloved member of the cannon and a death that really hurt us big time.

Four – Put A Little Love In Your Heart

How could I not include this scene. I love musicals and having a musical episode starring Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist (with a cheeky cameo from Darren Cross) of course all three Glee Alumni are great singers but they where sharing the screen with several other musically talented actors from the Arrowverse. Every moment of this episode was great, even how it took shots at “musical logic”. Or how the team from La La Land wrote a song for it, but nothing quite tops the casts rendition of Put A Little Love In Your Heart. 

(Fact it has John Barrowman there for it is awesome)


Three – Meeting His Mom

This had to be one of the hardest scenes to watch. Barry heart broken that his mentor has betrayed him travels back in time to save his mother only to realize that she needs to die so that the timeline can be preserved. You end up with this calm yet utterly heartbreaking moment of Barry finally being able to see his mother only to watch as she dies. All the while we finally found out how Barry as a child survived the attack from his nemises.

Two – Ho ho ho

I am going to make this one a little more lighthearted, because so far my list has been a complete downer. Casting Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold was truly inspirational, at times he plays the villian as a serious and tormented indivudal while at others he is a Saturday morning cartoon bad guy – yet most of the time Miller finds a great middle ground. This scene was utterly rediculous and came out of nowhere yet it made me laugh. So I wont say anymore other than I hope you enjoy.

One – Run Barry Run

Finally my favorite moment from the entire series. True this has happened on several occasions but the first is always the best, The moment I am speaking of is when Harrison Wells urges Barry to run. It is such a simple line but the way that Tom Cavanagh just gets you pumped up, you can’t help but want to get out there and run.

So that was my top 5 moments from the Flash, Comment below if you can think of any better scenes.

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