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Our Geeky Girl Crushes Part 6

By now many of you will know the drill, but if your new here I will fill you in on the details. We at Nerdgeist are compiling a list of our 100 Geeky Girl crushes and this is in no particular order. We have looked through the lists of Blogger, Vloggers, Cosplayers, Gamers, Builders, Designers and Writers to bring you a selection of women who have charmed us with their beauty and the L33T SKILLZ. So if you think we missed anyone do not hesitate to check out some of our previous lists.

PeachMilky – Peach Perfect

A Celtic beauty and extremely talented cosplayer who is currently residing in Japan. She has a wide variety of cosplay and original characters under her belt but is also an avid streamer and if your looking for tutorials on beauty products or vlogging on life in Japan this is one of our top picks (though there may be another on this list).


Soe Gschwind-Penski – Team Swiss

Salome Soe Gschwind Penski is a Swiss Commentator and Moderator working Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, an international gaming agency located in Berlin, Germany, since 2007. Soe is well known within esports and has attended events such as BlizzCon, The StarCraft II World Championship Series, Gamescom, IFA, E3, World Cyber Games and The International to name but a few, as a host and commentator in either English or German.

Indigo White – Feeling A Little Bit Naughty

Indigo White is an unusual addition to my lists in that she has combined her cosplay with “adult film” work. So who are we to judge, she has used her platform to bring the dreams of nerds everywhere to life and so many of them our thankful for it.

Ashley Eckstein – Miss Universe

Many of you will know her as an Actress and Voice Actress but In addition to doing film and voice work, Eckstein also started Her Universe, a fashion brand that produces sci-fi themed clothing targeted specifically for girls and women. This where she truly has made her mark.

Kim Dao – The Fashionable One

The second Vlogger to grace our list, Kim is a huge fan of Harry Potter and seems to have some love for Pokemon, not only that but her videos on Japan and Korea are incredibly helpful. So if you are travelling there, they are really worth checking out.

Aliza Pearl – The Geeky Star

An actor, writer, host, and grant writer/development consultant for nonprofits and film. Plus any women willing to show off her love of classic TOS is going to make us instantly fall in love with her.

Maria Bartholdi  – The Planeswalker

Many of you will not know Maria Bartholdi, unless you are a fan of Magic The Gathering. Not only does she do commentary at Magic The Gathering tournaments she also claims that she can also speak Welsh and do a perfect R2D2 impersonation.

Tina Fey – The Comedian

A famed writer and comedian Tina Fey has to be one of the most famous women to grace our lists. You will definitely recognize her from SNL, 30 rock, Date Night and a host of other films. No matter what she never fails to entertain. 

Satine Phoenix – A Women Of Many Talents

Satine Phoenix Is a Filipino American comic book illustrator, painter, cosplayer, model, actress, and former adult entertainer living in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Nazir – A Techspiration


Jessica Nazir is a On-air digital lifestyle and tech expert and Founder of TechSesh – The Chic Geek Female Empurment community. She has also worked with the LA Times, CNN AND CNBC, giving her quite the influential platform.


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