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Our Geek Girl Crushes Part 3

You think by now we would be done, but why not go for a third list?

So of you have not read the previous two, my friend does not believe there are attractive geeky girls out there and I created these lists as my way of proving him wrong. 

BTW If any readers out there wanna come up with a list of hot nerdy men, please contact our social media and we can work something out. Now moving on:

Kate Welch – The Dungeon Designer

One of the newest members of the Wizards of the Coast team and a new D&D designer. This one makes me a little sad because from checking Reddit it seems that some people doubted her qualifications for the job, simply because of her looks, which is utterly ridiculous, being beautiful should not make you unqualified for a job, likewise being ugly shouldn’t make you unqualified for a job too. But fear not Kate has been embraced by the majority of fans and the lady not only talks the talk but she walks it too as Rosie Beestinger, the Lightfoot Halfing Monk in Acquisitions Inc’s “C Team”

Grimes – A Musical Madness

One of the most popular music artists of the moment, if you ever challenge her Geek credit know that not only is she an anime fan she is also a fan of Dune, which is easy to pick up on if you have every listened to her first record. 



Felicia Day – The Queen

The original Queen of Geeks, this one needs no introduction, hilarious, charming and now can claim that some of her work is in the Smithsonian it is the always lovely Felicia Day.

Riddle – Riddle Me That

Riki LeCotey, also known as Riddle, cosplayer, model and costume designer based in the United States. Regarded by many as one of the top in her field she has gone beyond Cosplaying to full costume design working on movies such as X-Men: First Class and Captain America: Civil War  and was featured in PBA’s 2012 documentary Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity. Always an absolute delight to meet and an epic talent.

Mica Burton – The Inheritor

Michaela Jean Estelle “Mica” Burton  is a cosplayer, actress, YouTuber, streamer and former staff member at Rooster Teeth Productions. Though many of you will know her as the daughter of  LeVar Burton, she has carved out her own following and we can expect to see more of her in the future.


DeerNadia – Going To Make You Twitch

DeerNadia is a well known Twitch Star.  One of her top listed channels is that of Nightblue3. But more than Twitch she dabbles in cosplay and lets face it anyone willing to dress up as Dark Magician Girl is ok by me.


Adrianne Curry – A Model Example

I guess many of you will be surprised that someone from America’s Next Top Model made it to my list, but I guess we can continue to prove that nerds do come in all shapes and sizes. Not only is she a regular comic-con attendee but she is a Night Elf Warrior with the name “Darthadri, this is of course a refrence to World of Warcraft.

Jenny Nicholson – The Sarcastic One

Another Youtube Darling, jenny Nicholson has gained quite the fan base with her Youtube reviews. She is one you really just need to watch.

April O’Neil – Don’t Show This To Mom

She is an adult actress and yes her stage name is the same as the character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what is there not to love?

Luxlocosplay – An Epic Talent

And to cap it off another Cospalyer, though I hate doubling up this time I had to make an exception. Isabel from Toronto is a Hufflepuff and just brilliant Cosplayer. Covering so many genre’s she is really worth checking out. Keep your eye on this one because we will be expecting great things from her.


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