Nerd Bites

Another Top Ten Nerd Crushes

After putting out the original list several men and women came to me pointing out that I was clearly wrong and needed to change my list, so think of part two as a compromise, because lets face it a top ten was far to small for what we are working with. As always this list is not based solely on looks, if I a have a crush on someone they tend to be talented in their own right – so each of these women are truly outstanding in their fields. 

Mariana Call – The Political Singer

A women that defines her love of all things nerdy with her music, though she has moved a bit beyond that now. This Alaskan native is an epic talent and worth checking out. 

SSSniperwolf – A Gamer Goddess

Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh , better known online as SSSniperWolf, is a British-American YouTube gamer. Having originally started her YouTube career as a gaming channel, notably with her Call of Duty: Black Ops II videos. Since 2017 the majority of the content on her channel has been reaction videos. She is one of the biggest female gamers with the a massive following throughout social media and YouTube even though her channel is no longer centered around gaming.

Erika Ishii – Geek & Sultry

Erika is an on-camera and voice actor, host, and streamer. Watch her shows “Game Engine” and “Gather Your Party” on Geek & Sundry’s twitch, catch her streaming on her own channel, or various of other places on the internet!

Rachel Litfin – The Writer

This up and coming author comes from a long line of nerds. From describing her childhood home as being like the shire, to regularly attending the renaissance fair and like many of us she fell to a World Of Warcraft addiction. This all lead to her creating the world of Edenarth and the stories that have spawned from it.

Hannah Rose Bamberg – The Geographical Gesnius

Hannah is the newest host of Geography now and has won the adoration of the showers viewers. She gives off a fun and exciting vibe that helps pull you in and keep watching.

Kim Horcher – More Than Meets The Eye

Kim is the perfect mix of beauty and brains. Acting as host for various productions including but not limited to Anime Expo Media, Nerd Alert and even The Young Turks, she has covered a variety of topics. She even won and been nominated for a variety of awards including nominations for best online personality and winning an Emmy for her work covering the death of Michael Jackson.

DJ Soda – Showing The World What A DJ Really Is

Top DJ from South Korea, shows that the country is more than just K-POP. If you have ever seen her post on social media you will see that she has a love for anime and gaming, based on the various outfits that she performs in.

Janina Gavankar – First To Tweet

Janina Gavankar has quite a few nerd credits to her list, first off she has been in both True Blood, Arrow and of course Star Wars Battlefront 2. Gavankar was also the first actress to use Twitter, signing up via Richard Branson’s computer on Necker Island way back n 2006. She was also the personification of Microsoft’s interactive search engine Ms. Dewey. Beyond that  she created a free template for actors and artists to help them control their online presence. To further help cement her tech status in 2017, she launched a private discussion forum for members of the games industry. This is a women of many many talents.

Ash Millmann – The Cheeky One

The newest host on whatcultre she has shown that she is more than a pretty face with a wicked sense of sarcasm a love for gaming and a love for pop culture in general. Ash may not have been around for very long but she will be leaving a big mark in the years to come.

Anna Akana – Made Up Of Equal Parts Talent and Hard Work

How could we not top this list with the one and only Anna Akana. She writes, she sings, she is an excellent comedian, she has a great youtube channel and she acts. But beyond all that she is a nerd one that has helped show the world that we are more than shut away freaks. I would call her an epic talent but she is more than that she is a hard worker one that has put years into building her brand and one that deserves a lot of recognition for what she has done.



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