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Cloak & Dagger Is Crossing Over With Runaway’s

Since I am in the process of moving house I am way behind on both of these shows, still the mention of this cross over is the kick in the ass that I needed to jump back in. Both series are part of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe, though they are not directly connected to the MCU they still exist in a world where Spider-Man and Thor both happen. (Though I am still not sure how the Snap will have affected these shows, I guess only time will tell.)

With Agents of Shield ending and cancellation of the Defenders I had worried that this was the end of the Marvel Tv shows but no, it appears I was wrong. It looks like both shows are going strong and strong enough that it warrants a cross over. 

Fans of the comics have been asking for this since day 1, after all Cloak and Dagger where the first heroes that The Runaways ever met and as per usual things did not go down well. At this rate I do wonder what the future has for these two shows?

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