What Happened To Belle Delphine ???

Where on Earth is Belle Delphine?

There you go I have not only asked a great question but I pitched you a wonderful idea for a new sexy Tv show.

This will not be the first time that Nerdgeist has discussed the 19 year old online personality but I will fill anyone in who is somehow unaware of this women.

Belle recently shot to fame on Instagram with her sexy cute style. She then took that fame and entered the stratosphere by first of all creating a fake pornhub account, it has actual videos just not porn. She would follow this up by selling her bathwater to “thirsty fans”.

But in the past few weeks her Instagram has been deactivated.

A post from  Reddit, titled ‘My friend Noah got Belle Delphine’s account taken down’, shared a possible screenshot of a message from Instagram. In this message an account had ‘anonymously reported belle.delphine for nudity or pornography’. – Sounds plausible.

One Redditor has claimed responsibility (Picture: Reddit) Instagram’s apparent response was:

“We have taken belle.delphine’s account down. Thanks for reporting this account. We’ve removed it from Instagram because it violated our Community Guidelines.”

But of course how can this be trusted, it is unverified but seems plausible. She did love to push the boundaries, still it begs the question why now?

Was it due to her fame, or did she finally cross the line?

Luckily she has still been active on twitter. Though this is the only statement that she has made about her recent public image:

So sadly we do not know what happened in Instagram but hopefully will get an answer soon.



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