Raise A Toast To Marvel With These Awesome Glasses

With the Infinity Saga now over many of us will me wanting to sit down and burn through as many Marvel films as possible. Just picture yourselves, you have the comfy pants on, you know those ones for relaxing in, you got your favorite snacks and your about to grab a nice refreshing drink, but what if you could make it just a little more Marvelous?

Well now you can with these infinity stoned themed glasses. Not only do they look cool but they will let you feel like a god as you enjoy your favorite beverage. Besides who could resist putting something Thor related up to their lips?

Each glass holds a mighty 495ml, coming in set of three. The gorgeous set includes Hulk, Thor and Groot. So who is your favorite?

If like myself you wanna snag some of these then look no further than here and if Thor, Hulk and Groot are not your thing then do not fret because there are others to choose from.


Categories: Collectables, Food

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