Belle Delphine Continues To Be The Adorable Supreme Troll

Belle Delphine continues her march of conquest unabated by anyone. If you are away of this internet darling then I shall inform you. Her content is a mix of awkward, absurd, cute and NSFW. Originally she would post cute then sexy videos but not so long ago she made her fans an offer they couldn’t refuse, the deal was, if she got enough likes on one of her pics then she would create a Pornhub account. Now she lived up her promise but her videos would have been more suited for Punhub than Pornhub. Still her fans loved it. For more information check out are previous article on it here.

Knowing that she has some seriously thirsty fans this women seized upon the entrepreneurial spirit and  began selling her used bath water. Going for £28 a round this has the duel effect of  earning some money and also helping stopping her fans form dehydrating. (Note she instructed people not to drink the water which she has bathed in and also apparently had in her mouth)

Unsurprisingly being that it is the internet the bath water sold out incredibly quickly. She had to make another post to announce this:

The girl is a genius. I know some people may criticize her for doing this, but if there is a market someone might as well serve it. After all It is just a bit of harmless fun and of course there may be a sexual aspect to it, like how some men, and possibly women, buy used underwear online, in the end who the hell am I to judge. So do any of you want to buy this bathwater?


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