Why Spider-Man Homecoming Had The Most Important Post Credits Since Iron Man

Ever since Iron Man we have sat waiting patiently for that the end and mid credit scenes that continue to tease us with such wonderful marvels and Spider-Man Far From Home was no different.

You have been warned from here onward there will be spoilers

Before we get into it the two post credit scenes are as follows:

In the mid-credits scene, reporter J. Jonah Jameson of the blames Spider-Man for the Elementals’ attacks. Which lets face it is nothing new from him. He then proceeds to unknowingly broadcast doctored footage of the incident, filmed and recorded by Beck, in which he incriminates Parker for his death and reveals Parker to be Spider-Man.

In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that the Skrulls Talos and Soren have been masquerading as Fury and Maria Hill the whole time, under command of the real Fury, who now commands a Skrull spaceship.

So what does this mean?

  1. J.Jonah Jameson back – Back in the original Spider-Man trilogy we had some of the most inspired casting even done in film history when the always great J.K.Simmons was cast as J.Jonah Jameson. He was brilliant in the role and seeing him back in action was such a treat. Maybe this confirms a multiverse where we can see other Jameson’s all hating on Spider-Man. Maybe we can then see Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield team up with Tom Holland. Also it was a nice touch that the new Jameson was more akin to info wars than Pierce Morgan.

  2. We know what Mysterios team where up too – At the end of the climatic battle we saw one of Mysterio’s team download something and running away. What we now know is that this was to frame Peter, but to what end?  How will this benefit them? And are they working alone?

  3. The world now knows who Spider-Man is. Now this is interesting. How will Peter get his way out of this, will he proceed to be the public face of Spider-Man or will be try and put the blame onto someone else? Will this see the Avengers or Stark foundation move to take him in and protect him, also now the Scorpion will know who he is, so there could be another villain for the next film.

  4. The whole way through the film Nick Fury seemed a little off. He claimed that this was due to the fact that he was out of the world for 5 years and was still finding his feet. But that is just not Fury and it turns out we where right to question this, because it was Talos and Soren, playing the roles of Maria Hill and Fury. Under Fury’s orders. Why are they working for him? Guess we will need to wait and find out.

  5. Speaking of Director Fury where was he? Turns out he is off in Space commanding a Skrull Fleet, though we have no idea what he is doing there or how he ended up in charge. Also it appears that he has a copy of the Tahiti simulator.

So it seems that Phase 4 will still have a cosmic theme. the Skrulls have begun to rebuild, Fury is on the look out for bigger threats and Peter is in big trouble. Oh I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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