Belle Delphine An Adorable Troll

Warning this one may be NSFW

It all started with this post…

Belle Delpine promised her fans that if the photo above got over 1 million likes then she would create a porn hub account. In an incredably short amount of time the internet had responded with a resounding YES WE NEED TO SEE THIS !

Before I go on there may be some of you who may not know who Belle is. Belle Delphine is the pseudonym of UK based cosplayer and model Mary-Belle Kirschner, originally from South Africa – or so I have been told. She has come to prominence for posting videos and photographs of herself performing ahegao faces, usually in very suggestive clothing. (Personal note when I say suggestive clothing I feel super old).

So what is an Ahego face?

Well this is one here:

At this point your asking yourself two questions.

  1. How is she a troll and

  2. Did she make a PornHub account

Well she did make a Pornhub account and this is how she has been trolling her fans.

Before you naughty Boys and Girls get too excited you should know that these videos are all Puns and me being an avid follower of Punhub (and yes I did mean PUN HUB it is a thing) am loving it. I wont spoil anything for you, I guess you will all need to go watch them yourselves.

I have a lot of respect for this move so fair play to her and hope she keeps it up. And if you are someone who is offended at this just look at her past content, she was never going to do porn, well at least not yet, so Belle you have my deepest respect for making puns sexy and weird.

If you are a fan you can follow her here

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