It Looks LIke Disney Got Mulan Right

For a long time it seemed like Disney where going to mess this one up, with talks of a possible white lead and other possible changes, people where obviously furious.  Well Disney listened to the fans righteous fury and have instead aimed to release a much more “faithful” adaptation of Mulan. I am saying faithful realizing there are multiple versions of the story and I am hoping this film is going to be based on one of the more upbeat versions.

This new version of the film will follow a lot of the same beats as the animated one and will see Mulan, played by Tzi Ma, forced to go to war in order to keep her father safe. Along the way she will encounter Donnie Yen, Ip Man & Rogue One, as Commander Tung, Yoson An \, The Meg & Mortal Engines, as Cheng Honghui, Gong Li, Memoirs of a Geisha & Raise the Red Lantern, who plays Xianniang, a character not seen in the original animated film, and finally Jet Li will play the benevolent Emperor.

We also know that Mulan’s Dragon and Cricket companions are due to appear too, though details about them are currently scarce.

From watching the trailer you would think that it was one of the classics if Asian cinema, which means that Disney are at least trying to do it justice. With some very artistic cinematography, a fantastic cast and a budget that could feed a small country I really do have high hopes for this one.

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