CW TV Promo Reviews 2019-2020

The CW was the last network to present at Upfronts this year. They brought 3 shows with already established and beloved characters so the pressure was on and expectations were high. Fortunately, their promos were of a high standard and The CW delivered an excellent finish to 2019’s Upfronts week. 


What’s it about: The story of Kate Kane, a street fighter determined to fight crime in Gotham as Batwoman. 

What we think: Is it bad that I’m more excited by the villain than Batwoman herself? Rachel Skarsten who plays an antagonist that is somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and The Joker basically stole every scene she was in which probably explains, rather disappointingly, why she wasn’t in the promo that much. I’m interested to see how the relationship between her and Batwoman plays out. The trailer seemed more in line with the show “Gotham” and definitely gave off a darker, grittier feel than other CW superhero shows like The Flash and Supergirl which I think will work better as that feels more suitable to this character and story. Overall, it was a decent promo but there was nothing that made me edge of my seat excited which it will need to do if it wants to stand out amongst the plentiful superhero shows already on air and score a second season. 

Excitement Factor: 4/5

Katy Keene

What’s it about: A spinoff from “Riverdale” that follows singer-songwriter Josie McCoy and aspiring fashion designer Katy Keene as they both try to achieve their dreams in New York City. 

What we think: I’m not a Riverdale watcher so was unsure how I’d find this promo. However, there was no mention of Riverdale and it seemed to stand pretty much on its own. This might be because it was more of a teaser than a trailer. As such it’s difficult to judge, as there was only about 20 seconds of footage. The footage that was there was fun. It gave off a Gossip Girl meets The Carrie Diaries vibe, and that’s exactly what The CW is great at delivering. There was a brief introduction to the characters but I’d be interested to see more about actual storyline. Here’s hoping there’s an extended promo soon.  

Excitement Factor: 4/5

Nancy Drew

What’s it about: After a family tragedy puts Nancy’s college plans on hold, she finds herself embroiled in a ghostly mystery when she witnesses a murder and becomes determined to solve it. 

What we think: This was definitely my favourite of The CW’s promos. I was unsure about the supernatural element at first but it seemed to work really well in the trailer. Kennedy McMann is a great fit as Nancy and makes her really likeable, and despite getting a low amount of screen time the rest of the characters seem pretty interesting as well. It definitely seems as if this was made for a Riverdale audience so it may not be for everyone but the murder mystery element may be enough to attract new fans like myself. If the series is done well like the promo was, it has the potential to be a Veronica Mars-esque show which I would be very happy to watch. 

Excitement Factor: 4.5/5

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