Anna Akana Shows Us How Musically Talented She is

If you have not seen or heard of this women before then you should know, Anna Akana is the physical personification of hardwork and talent. If you do not know her from her Youtube Channel, then maybe it’s her book or the fact that in the MCU she played the Super Fine Reporter from the end of Ant-Man and if none of those jog your memory then this is the perfect time to be introduced to her, because she has just dropped an amazing single.

The song is great, it’s catchy, it’s deep and if is unique enough that you will be singing it all day long without getting annoyed at it. Not only that but it has a really trippy video with gorgeous visualize and further helps show off Anna’s talent. 

Akana is a star that is about to go Super Nova, so if you have never heard of her, now is the time to get on board and enjoy.

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