What We Know About Far From Home

You really should not be reading this if you have not seen Avengers End Game. So this is my last warning if you plan on seeing End Game turn away now. If you have seen the film then sit back and enjoy. 

This film seems more like an ode to Iron man that a simple Spider-Man movie, which in a way is very appropriate. In recent years Marvel really have pushed to have Iron Man and Spider-Man be associated with each other. To me this makes perfect sense, one representing the old and one representing the new, but both are very science driven and both have family issues, so they where always a good fit. They truly brought our the best in each other, Tony took Peter from Spider-Boy to Spider Man and Peter helped Tony become the responsible parent he needed to be. The only evidence you need for that is this quote:

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: I was just trying to be like you.

Tony Stark/Iron Man: I wanted you to be better.

We also get to see that Iron Man’s death has been felt by the whole world, Which further helps cement at home important this film will be in showing us a post End Game world.

It looks like Peter will be wearing Tony’s old glasses, maybe this will see a brief return of Friday to the franchise.

There will also be plenty of old faces returning to this film, we know that most of Peter’s Class mates have returned, Aunt May is back and she fully supports Peters life as Spider-Man. Happy Hogan, Nick Fury and Maria Hill have all taken interest in grooming Peter to take over from iron Man. Which in some ways reminds me of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series. It even brings me back to that line from Infinity War:

Dr. Stephen Strange : I’m sorry, I’m confused as to the relationship here. What is he, your ward?

It would seem that people want Peter to be better than Tony and they know he can do this grooming him and protecting him, which probably explains why he ends up with his 4th and 5th suits in this film. Fury would want him equipped for any scenario.

Mysterio is the biggest unknown in the film. Where in the comics he is a complete fake and a master of illusions here he is depicted as a dimension hoping warrior here to stop the Elementals. So is this real, or is the all fake?

That we do not know yet, but I still think the fake option is likely. What we do know is that where Tony was the stern father, Mysterio is the cool uncle. 

Along the way there will still be plenty of light hearted moments, which I think we are going to need. Let’s face is post Infinity War and End Game we are all a little emotional and a few laughs could do us all some good. Besides Flash being punched in the balls is a joke that will never get old.

Leaving the best to last here but the current depiction of Mary Jane is great, she comes off as Peter’s intellectual equal, if not superior and though we know that Zendaya is very beautiful, she really never puts much effort in, while in her MJ role, which makes her a great role model for  women to look forward to. Just like her counterpart in the Spider-Man PS4 game this Mary Jane does need saving because she is a women, but because she does not have superpowers.

With Spider-Man it looks like the MCU is in good hands.

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