Nerdy Swim Wear From Her Universe

Summer is coming and with that it is almost time to be enjoying the good weather and honestly what better way is there to enjoy the sun than to lounge by the pool and soak up the sun. Of course being a fan of this site you may be inclined to harbor desires of showing off your nerd love, so why should that stop at the poolside?

With that in mind Her Universe have brought out this excellent range of nerdy swimwear that comes in a great variety of shapes and sizes.

Maybe you want to show off your inner hero, if so then check out their Iron Man and Wonder Women designs. The Iron Man Bikini helps prove the old saying about Iron being Fe then all Female’s are the real Iron Man (Fe “as in Iron” -Male). It is cute, stylish perfect to kick names and take ass. On the other hand if you want something a little more wonderful then the Wonder Women one piece may be right up your street.

Then again why be a hero, when you can be the villain?

Show your adoration for the maniacal Harley Quinn or the devious Loki with these Bikinis. Guaranteed, these will turning as many heads as Tom Hiddletson and Margot Robbie do.

Maybe superheroes are not your thing, that is totally fine because Her Universe got you covered with these Disney designs. The Peter Pan one piece is both modern and classic and in my opinion the best of the series, while the Minnie mouse is adorable and actually has a Micky Mouse counterpart for the men out there, so couples can coordinate, which is sickeningly cute.

If you are interested in these and want to see more then check out the Her Universe Home Page here.


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