From the very first moment I held World of Faerie in my hands I knew something special was waiting for me but little did I know how incredibly magical and uplifting this book conclusion would be.

Brought to us by visionary Brian Froud, known throughout the world for his astounding creative involvements with Jim Henson ‘s The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. World of Faerie is collectively treasured with myth and folklore while taking inspiration from the great British woodlands and countryside. Brian Froud opens his imaginations doors to invite you into his magical realm and once you enter you would never want to leave.

Within the pages you are greeted with stunning drawings, paintings and watercolors along with his descriptive notes, interviews and even an illustrated poster featuring a poem by the legendary Neil Gaiman.

To quote an excerpt from the book;

“My paintings are all about a journey: They record a magical voyage of discovery. They are maps to guide others who may wish to follow into the faerie world. Here in this book are many maps that show you where I have been, what I have seen and felt, and how you may find the pathway”

Brian Froud, continues… “All journeys have a beginning, but I’m not sure they have an end. For me, the beginning is a response to land, to place, to mysteries that require form and a voice. Then shapes emerge in my sketchbooks”.

From page to page you are treated to many faerie creations such as The Red Queen, The Magician and Unicorn Women and every scene or chapter is accompanied with beautiful expressions and thoughts. Throughout each section of this revised and expanded edition you are taken on a well- written story of imaginary discovery, myths and mystery. Brian Froud expresses through his craft in a way like nothing I’ve seen before. He hears the sound of the earth as he unravels artistic magic and brings together an Earthly realm like no other. The awakening feel and many moments of being drawn closer and curious to a world I want to seek and to explore, time and time again. Brian Froud’s World Of Faerie is an uplifting gem of mythical artistry.

© Leah Crowley 2019

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