The Game Of Thrones Touring Exhibition Hits Belfast

At this point in time, I think everyone wants to be apart of Game Of Thrones. One of my coworkers on this site still regrets turning down the role as a Dothraki in the pilot, another friend quit his job to be an unsullied, while a another has been everything from a whore to a Wildling. Me I used up several of my few holiday’s to be in 2 seconds of season 7 and it was worth it. People dedicate their lives to this show, they name their kids after it’s many characters, they create amazing and fantastical cosplay’s and in general just loving the series. The show really brings people together, which is strange because it is so dam violent. The sheer dedication is a testament to how good it is and probably why the costumes and sets have been able to tour the world multiple times.

And the latest tour has just come back home to Belfast. SO of course I was one of the first ones in the door.

As you enter you are treated to a short video helping bring everyone up to speed on all that has happened. Then the curtains are pulled back and you enter into a world we have all grown to love, one of death and danger, but one of wonders and sorcery too.

Kings Landing

The KIngslanding area was the most Regal part of the exhibition, the detail in these costumes was frankly stunning. There are so many intricacies that you just do not see on the show and the addition of the palanquin was a nice touch.

The Winterfell crypts

This one is a real treat, the Winterfell crypts is one of two exclusives that only came to Belfast. Even it was a very simplified version of the one from the series it was still a very eerie location to visit. When you walk in you are met with a mist and when it parts you are surrounded by the statues of Long Dead Starks.


The Great Houses

While watching game of thrones it is very easy to forget that the show extends beyond Stark and Lannister, this display reminds us that there are plenty of other Great Houses in the world of Westeros. 

The Dragon Skulls

The second exclusive, if you visit the Belfast exhibit you get to see all the Dragon Skulls that used to be kept under the Red Keep. I guess this was a Belfast Exclusive because of the sheer size of these beasts, I could stand up right in at least one of them …

The Hall Of Faces

I do remember this one was at SDCC, the hall of faces has a nice interactive section that many will enjoy and in fact moves onto a few more interactive sections at Castle Black, I wont be posting those though, because in my opinion you need to go there yourself to see.

Beyond The Wall

Here we have a display of Wilding and Whitewalker gear, of course we where also treated to the now infamous come at me bro, white walker stance.

Across The Narrow Sea

The penultimate room is a more detailed look at Daenerys Targaryen and her entourage. If you come this far I would advise you to take the time to study the weapons case, there is so much worth seeing that a camera will not pick up.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the exhibit, though I would love to see more Dorne, Dothraki and Brotherhood Without Banners material on display, also it would be nice to see a few more of the interactive displays from SDCC, but I guess we can expect all that at the studio tour when it opens. I should also note that while at the exhibit you can get your picture taken with several of the prop weapons and sit on the Iron Throne, so this is something that any Super Fan will enjoy. If you are interested in going then check out this link.

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