The Definitive Star Wars Episode 9 Teaser Breakdown

We all knew this was coming, Avengers hype is at its peak and Star Wars Celebration was this weekend. Disney where not going to miss this oppertunity. They finally gave us our first teaser for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and Guess what?

It looks pretty epic!

Though mow comes the piecing together of what the trailer tell us, or what we think it tells us.

Here we see Rey dodging a Tie Interceptor. Three things of note are:

  • There has been a time jump and in that time Rey has become a fully fledged Jedi

  • Secondly The gloved hand piloting this machine could by Kylo Ren

  • Thirdly the red coloration is very Old Empire, especially since in Legends stories , the original plot lines, Red Interceptors where piloted by the Emperors personal guards.

Looks like Kylo is still on the Rampage though he seems to be fighting someone in armour, which is something the Rebels and then the Resistance never wore, so is this a new faction or did the Resistance  get a major upgrade.

Seems like some old habits die hard, I wonder what sets Ben ti regress further into his Kylo Persona?

They are actually filming in the same desert from The Force Awakens, plus I like how Poe kind of gives off am Indian Jones vibe.

BB8 is to get his own side kick, not sure if we really want that…

Great to see another familiar face with the return of Lando

Though they filmed in the same location as Jaku this appears to be one of the Skiffs from Jabba’s Barge …

Looks like an A-Wing and an old school Star Destroyer. Strange that the first order would have this machine, perhaps this is a flash back to the battle of Jakku.

Either Luke or Han’s medal from Star Wars a New Hope.

As many of you know they will be using some unused footage of Carrie Fisher to help round out her arc and honestly I may be crying like a baby when I see these scenes. 

Looks like the wreckage of one of the Death Stars. Since Endor is a Gas Giant, it is not there though this could be on it’s forest moon, but it could also be the original if pieces of the original landed on Yavin four.

And the trailer finishes with The Emperors infamous laugh. Are we hinting at his return or the return of his legacy. I guess time will tell. Abrhans has his work cut out, he has to both gives the fans something new and something familiar or they will have a melt down.

If anyone can do it, I am sure he can.

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