Anyone Else Loving The New Joker Trailer?

I think everyone had low expectations for this one. I honestly do not know anyone who was thinking that this film would be good. So far Warner Brothers attempts at making comic book films have been very hit and miss. Plus the thought of another Batman related project, one that is not connected to the current DC universe just felt, well unnecessary. Though after seeing the trailer for this one I think all the detractors have been proven wrong, or at least it looks that way. 

Instead of being your standard comic book movie we are going to be treated to the portrait of a dog that’s been kicked to much and finally turns round and bites back. Honestly speaking as someone who deals with a lot of personal crap from family, work and society in general there is a strange appeal in the Joker. This film looks like it is going to show us our hidden dark desires and I cannot wait to experience it. Phoenix may even have a performance that is on power with Ledgers and he did it by taking the Joker in a whole new direction, Ledger’s joker was an answer to Bale’s Batman, Nicholson’s was a product of it’s time, the Suicide Squad Joker was a modern take based on Gang Culture, this one just looks like madness incarnate – a madness that any of us could suffer from.

This one is going to be killer.

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