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My Favorite Super Hero Mode Of Transport

This is a weird list that complies 10 of my favorite modes of transport used by superheroes over the years, if you think I missed anything comment below.

Ten – SP//dr 

Imagine if Spider-Man and Evangelion has a baby, ye well that is this mecha. Many of you will already be familiar with the Into The Spider Verse version of this but that ones pales in comparison to the comic book version. This gives its user incredible strength plus of course the classic web shooters. The suit SP//dr also has a co-pilot in the form of a   radioactive spider that formed the other half of SP//dr’s CPU to bite her. What can I say I am a sucker for mecha and this one is a combo of two of my favorite pop culture loves.


Nine – Neon Talking Super Street Batluge

If you ever needed this one explained well then watch the video attached and try and tell me this one is not awesome.

Eight – Ghost Riders Car

What can I say I am a huge fan of American Muscle cars and also fire so this is the perfect mixture for me. LooK IT’S A 1969 Dodge Charger, you will quickly realize that this is a car that I love, plus it looks beast.

Seven – Green Hornets Black Beauty

The Black Beauty is a truly underrated superhero car, first off its loaded with gadgets – there for awesome and secondly the masked crime-fighting vigilante used a weapons-laden Chrysler Imperial Crown, nicknamed Black Beauty as his mode of transport.


Six – Blue Beetle Bug

The Bug was built by research scientist Ted Kord, in the time when he was still president of the Kord Omniversal Research and Development Inc. It was originally constructed from failed experiments and old parts of automobiles and later improved with Ted’s new inventions. After joining the JLI, Kilowog (an alien Green Lantern) added other improvements that made the Bug far beyond its previous capabilities in terms of technology.

Five –  Blade’s 1969 Dodge Charger


Once again yes I am going with another 1969 Dodge Charger, Jesus I am predictable and unlike the previous entry I do not have to bind my soul to an immortal spirit of vengeance, so that’s a plus. Though this one lacks flaming wheels but is loaded with a lot of Vampire Hunting gear. 

Four – The Shield Helicarrier

Maybe this one is kind of overkill and does not technically count as a “Superhero vehicle” but I will allow it.

Three -Turtle Van and Turtle Blimp

I love how my lists 3rd most impractical machine is a Blimp, with Helicarrier AND Luge taking the top spots. So I could not pick Turtle Van or Turtle Blimp, why not choose both, the van is seriously “radical” (had to say it) and the blimp is a total statement to the world, it practically screams – ‘Look at me!’.

Two – Batmobile

How could that Batmobile not make this list, sometimes race car, some times tank, this car is truly versatile and so bloody iconic.

One – Leopardon

This one breaks my no Spacecraft rules but its more of a giant robot than a Space Ship so I am using this on a technicality. In the Marveler form its a hyper advanced alien ship but when commanded to it turns into the formidable Leopardon.  Leopardon is a giant robot that takes no shit from anyone and is summoned by Spider-Man, thats the one from the 1970’s Japanese live action series, to take down all sorts of villainous threats. Leopardon is equipped with the following types of weapons, which are used accordingly to the situation.

  • Arm Rocket: A flying rocket punch capable of destroying walls with five feet of thickness.

  • Arc Turn: The decoration on Leopardon’s head flies around like a boomerang. It emits a ray of light while flying.

  • Leopardon Strings: A rope that attaches to objects that is launched from its chest.

  • Spider Protector: A shield created from an energy panel emitted by both of Leopardon’s lower legs, it takes the shape of a spider webbing.

  • Sword Vigor: A sword attached to Leopardon’s right leg, Leopardon never actually wields it in combat, throwing it instead for its finishing move against the Machine BEMs. It is a powerful weapon due to its capability of destroying most Machine BEMs in a single blow.

Yes this is truly my number one pick.


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