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This issue has an interesting beginning, it goes way back to the beginning, back when Zordon had a body and back to the day of Rita’s birth. We see that Zordon was friends or at least allies with Rita’s mother and had pledged to help hide the new born from her father. It also seems that Rita’s mother was of some importance, like she was her worlds leader yet we know absolutely nothing of her father, one item of note is that her mother my have some knowledge of the Power Coins, based on Rita’s visit home in the book. What we do know is that he must have been powerful because Zordon was supposed to be a guardian of peace that rose up to counter these kind of threats.

Meanwhile in the present day our five Rangers are each struggling with personal issues. Jason and Trini are trying to keep their new found relationship secret from everyone else, Billy is freaking out that someone may know their secret, Kimberly is dealing with her divorcing parents and Zach is struggling in school. I am enjoying seeing this side of the Rangers because it helps show that as great as their powers are there is a major downside one that the kids will have to deal with.

The issue ends where it begins with Rita returning home, taking Squat of all people with her. She has failed to access the Green Power Coin and it seems that her mother is the key. Though now I do wonder what befell Rita’s home-world, she claims that it wasn’t war but a disaster caused by the locals and that has me curious…

Did this disaster help push her towards evil?

Also what of her brother from the TV Series, is he actually her half brother?

To keep her troops busy Rita had the ingenious plan of giving them free reign to attack and destroy the Power Rangers, of course she knows they will fail but better they learn there place from the enemy than plot against her. The Rangers do well but still the battle is interrupted by a new Alpha unit, one that kind of kicks ass and one that seems to be Billy’s mysterious ally. So is this a new Alpha, an alternate Alpha or a fraud?

There seems to be some underlying themes of the bonds we forge have forged here. Rita and her mother, Kim and her parents, Trini plus Jason’s burgeoning romance and Zach and Billy keeping secrets from their friends. But this has me wondering where this is going? 

IS the series going to continue after Tommy joins the team in an Alternate time line or will it lead up to Boom’s other series, I do wonder?

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