Get A Behind The Scenes Peek at Janet’s Void From The Good Place

Janet has rapidly become one of the Good Places most popular characters. The all knowing, all thinking, all powerful Artificial (not a robot) construct has some of the most hilarious moments in the series and has become quite the scene-stealer, which is in part thanks to the amazing performance by D’arcy Carden. Throughout the series we have heard about Janet’s void, yet it was not until season 3 where we finally got to see what the void was like. Now thanks to the creators of the Good Place we can see what a typical day for Janet is like.

The five hour long “live stream” is actually very funny. In this supposedly never-ending YouTube live stream,  you can watch Janet stand idly by until she pops in and out of frame. I suppose this is her popping out to complete a desired task, once she is away to complete said task the screen is left completely white. Though wait a few minutes and she reappears to stand patiently waiting for her next task.

I guess this is why the fans have really grown to love D’arcy Carden the fact that she was willing to stand still, possible under some very bright lights, for a joke with very little pay off, for God knows how long, shows her completed dedication to her craft. So who else is looking forward to seeing more episodes from the Good Place?

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