Check Out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As She Dances To Every Song Ever

You have to love it when people dig up dirt on politicians, god knows this is one of the reasons I refuse to go near politics, that and I lack the ability to shut the F up. Digging up dirt on an older man (or women) who has been about for many years can be very enlightening and thus youth has its advantages, take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the current youngest women to serve in the United States Congress, like her or loathe her this is quite the impressive achievement and many props to all her successes. But with her success came the dirt, for some reason people obviously feel threatened by her and feel the need to try and tear her down. Some may attribute this to gender, race or social status, which is pretty petty if you ask me. So in order to bring this women down someone dug up a video of her from high school, dancing of all things (DRAMATIC GASP)!

I know can you imagine that a high school girl, dancing to a song! Someone better call Kevin Bacon and send her to the town in footloose, because dancing is now a crime, even if certain other politicians also dance. If you have not picked it up yet I find the whole situation utterly ridiculous and completely silly, as a species we have been dancing for thousands of years and not only is it perfectly natural but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has got some moves.

I would say something in her defense but being someone who is used to taking crap the lady threw some great shade by posting a video of herself, dancing into her new office.

So now you are probably thinking, David why are you covering this, have you decided to take Nerdgeist in a more serious route?

The answer is, as much as I love politics and wish I had the chops to cover more serious topics the reason I chose this is because, THE INTERNET! Here we have a video of someone famous dancing and its now online for the world to see, what did the internet do, it did what it always does, it fused the original video with some random music for total wins.

First off we need to kick it off with a little Never Going To Give You Up, because the internet never gets sick of this tune.

Some Wii feeling …

This is an all time fav of mine, I am pretty sure I even have my personal dance to this one.

Because internet says so…

Ahh this brings back some memories …

And well this just makes sense:

And thematically this is just appropriate:

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