Captain Marvel’s latest Trailer Looks Epic

Oh Disney why must you keep teasing us, these past few weeks have been filled with the Runaways, The Punisher and Now Captain Marvel. I really wanted to avoid this trailer, maybe to hold back the possibility of being over-saturated with Marvel, but I gave in and oh my god I am not disappointed. The new trailer is epic, awesome, funky, fantastic, you know all the good words, in fact I have run out of good words to describe how good this looks.

The trailer further helps showing how unique this film ill be, as its not only their first female led superhero movie, but technically this is also a prequel (Captain America is also sort of a prequel), not only that but the film will kick off with Captain Marvel fully developed and we will learn about her powers through flashbacks, so yes this will help break the origin films tired tropes.

Ye I am really excited for this one …

So what are your thoughts?

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