Netflix finally Shows Us Ultraman

This is one that I am pumped for. Ultraman is Japans legendary defender and one of science fictions greatest heroes. The original series followed the Science Patrol, a special anti-monster defense agency armed with high-tech weaponry and vehicles designed to combat a variety of threats from Alien invaders to good old fashioned Kaiju. Sometimes this elite force comes up short and on those occasions they need to rely on their greatest asset; Ultraman, the legendary defender. Ultraman’s human identity is Hayata, a member of the science patrol and in many ways, Earths last line of defense.

The show is on a near mythological status among nerds and sadly underrated in the west, though even visiting Japan you can see that it’s fan base is still well a truly alive, films are still being made and it even has it’s own dedicated stores, where yours truly spent way to much on a watch, tie and handkerchief. Still this shows how popular Ultraman is and Netflix are now banking on that popularity for their newest licensed property.

Obviously there are a lot of difference between this series and the original but as it stands I am optimistic that Netflix will pull this off. The animation looks smooth, the character is popular and Netflix know they need more hits, especially with Disney, DC, HULU and Amazon all on their heals.

Will you be watching Ultraman when it comes out?


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