League Of Legends Goes Full Pop Star

We now live in an age where different genera’s of media blend so easily, gaming, films and music always went hand in hand but as we move further into the 21st century the different forms of media tend to bleed into each other in new and and more relentless fashions. This is where I admit it, I am begrudgingly a fan of K-POP, I really fought it as hard as I could, but its so infectious and catchy, it really is hard to resist. So why Speak about media cross over and confess my like for K-POP?

Well Riot games recently released a K-POP music video featuring 4 of their most popular female characters performing and the track is solid, stylish and sexy. Yes I am well aware they are fictional characters, but go judge someone else.

The video sees fan favorite characters Ahri – The Nine Tailed Fox, Kai’Sa – The Daughter of the Void, Akali – The Rogue Assassin and Evelynn – The WIdowmaker, put any want of combat aside to release one hell of a banging tune.

Before we get stuck it it if you are a fan of these new personas then have no fear because Riot Games have them all for sale. Yes I know it is such a gimmick but it’s hard to hate one when it is this good.

And if anyone is wondering in my humble opinion Ahri has the best skin. (And no I am not some weird pervert who is checking out a Fox Lady, that’s just a bonus :p – JK)

To help craft the sounds for this track the team behind it obtained the talents of Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE and Jaira Burns. Which means if your fans of these ladies vocals then you can go and get some more of their tracks.

This song also has what must be the most K-POP video ever, which I am sure was the intent and from a simply artistic stand point it is gorgeous so if even if you are not a fan of this music and have never played League Of Legends you should check this one out.

And if all that was not enough for you well you should check out the live version where all of the original singers join up with dozens of back up dancers, pyro techniques and holograms of the fictional characters to put on a show that would rival any major performer of the day.

Finally if you want a little more then have a look at the dance steps for the song, this one may be pushing it for some, or it may end up being your new secret passion.

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