Why You Need To Play Warcraft Reforged

I was speaking with someone considerably younger than me recently and he pointed out to me that he has never played a strategy game before, this confused me because when I was a lad I spent my days playing:

  • Emperor Battle For Dune

  • Red Alert 2

  • Age Of Empires 2

  • Shadow Of The Horned Rat

  • Dawn Of War

  • Final Liberation

  • Space Crusade

  • Warcraft 2

  • Supreme Commander

  • Star Craft

  • Rise Of Nations

  • Dungeon Keeper

  • Rise Of Legends

  • Age Of Mythology

And of course Warcraft three. These games carried me from my Pre-Teens all the way through to my early 20’s. I hated horror games, found beat-em ups to be dull and could never get into FPS but Real Time Strategy was my bread and butter and Warcraft Three was the perfect strategy game. The game took a huge step changing the narrative of previous Warcraft titles, in the game the Orc’s where seeking redemption from their previous misdeeds while the humans start to appear a little less good. Not only could you play as Orc’s and Humans, plus their various allies but you could now access two new factions The mysterious Night Elves and the Undead Scourge. The game unusually used in-game cut scenes at the time and had a compelling plot, in fact game play and plot worked perfectly in tandem with each other, which helped create a truly unique and immersive experience.

Not only was Warcraft three a fantastic game but it also introduced the world to Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Illidan, The Lich King, Tyrande Whisperwind and Sylvanas Windrunner if these names sound familiar to you it is because they are all iconic characters in World Of Warcraft. Without Warcraft Three we would never know why Jaina is so bitter, Sylvanas so twisted or who the Lich King used to be, this game defined them and showed us how a hero can easily become the villain.

Knowing how important this game is the Blizzard team are now set to release a fully remastered and improved version of the game called Warcraft Reforged. Knowing that the original was near perfect the team have made few changes to this rematser, obviously there is a cosmetic improvement, with characters being cleaned up, also a slightly more intuitive UI has been added. Beyond that there are a few more interesting changes, such as Stratholme.

In the Warcraft 3 Stratholme is the beginning of the fall for the once good Arthas and in World Of Warcraft the city is a very dark and scary place. In Warcraft Reforged the city of Stratholme has been given a layout more familiar to its World Of Warcraft counterpart.

So why should you play this game?

Warcraft Three was a land mark game in its time, it didn’t need many changes to make it better and there have been few good Strategy games recently. Not only that but it helps being World of Warcraft closer in line with the other Warcraft games. One major change worth mentioning is that unlike the original Warcraft Three this version has an easy mode, the original had a brutal learning curve …

So take some advice from us old timers and go out and give this game a go.

P.S. Blizzard have confirmed that there will be a new and improved map building system in the game.


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