Its Morphin Time With Bluefins Latest Announcement

Bluefin really love creating high quality unique products. Their latest announcement isfor a pair of new Bandai Shokugan Power Rangers Mini-Pla model kits – the Astro and Delta Megazords. For those unfamiliar with these Zords they are from Power Rangers In Space & Lost Galaxy. The Astro Megazord served as a Spaceship for the team, a mobile command center and a Zord, while the Astro Megazord served to augment the teams firepower. Both kits are scheduled for retail release in May 2019.


If you are a beginner and worried about getting into building your own models, do not fret these kits are easy-to-assemble and each depict a faithful rendering of the transformable robot/spaceships that were featured in Power Rangers In Space. As the Super Mini-Pla name implies, these compact model kits offer simple pre-colored snap-together assembly. A nipper or sprue cutter (sold separately) is highly recommended for assembly, but the following kits do not require glue. 

  • Bandai Shokugan Power Rangers Astro Megazord 

The Astro Megaship served as the base and primary Megazord for the Space Rangers depicted in Power Rangers In Space. It would later become the Galaxy Rangers’ base of operations. The completed kit can easily transform from the Megaship/Megashuttle form into robot form. 

  • Bandai Shokugan Power Rangers Delta Megazord

The Delta Megaship is the second Megaship Zord of the Red Space Ranger from the Power Rangers In Space TV Series. It was controlled remotely by the Red Space Ranger’s Battilizer Gauntlet. The completed kit can easily transform from the Megaship/Megashuttle form into robot form. The Delta Megazord also may be combined with the Astro Megzaord to form the mighty Astro Delta Megazord.


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