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What happens after you save the world, how do you cope with that?

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers is set in a time line before the team meets Tommy but they too felt the touch of Lord Drakkon when they encountered a dark twisted version of Kimberly. Now that the other Kimberly is gone the team are learning to move forward, still things will never be the same again.

The issue picks up with the team fighting against one of the original monsters from the series. It was a nice touch and easily brings back fond memories to anyone that grew up with the power rangers, not only that but we get to see one of their most iconic weapons in action.

Once the issue is in full swing we see a very pissed off Rita, making moves that only make sense to her. Then we get to see a very action packed confrontation between all of Rita’s forces and the Rangers. The book offers lots of allusions to the original series like Billy’s car, and the Juice Bar, its the perfect balance of nostalgia and new.

The issue ends with a very interesting cliff hanger, one that I am not willing to spoil just yet, guess you are just going to have to read it yourself.

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