Amouranth’s Goes Full French Maid In Her Latest Vid

It’s been a tough seven days for me and every now and again I need to cover something a little less serious or less divisive and this just seemed right. Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa) is an incredibly talented cosplayer who decided to do a little treat for her most devoted fans. If she looks familiar to you maybe it is because I have mentioned her before in a previous article, showing off her perfect Tracer cosplay.

In a special thanks to her Patreon Supporters she decided to post this French Maid themed video and well, her fans went crazy, which is obviously no surprise to anyone, after all she is a beautiful women and the french maid is a classic. I really hope I do not sound like a complete pig here but ye, I think after seeing this my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Please do not be one of these douche bags calling Twitch girls THOT’s just lighten up and have a little fun, this world’s crappy enough and Amouranth is just bringing a little sexy into it.

I know there will be several people out there who will be hating on this but honestly the girl is an epic talent you need only check out her Star Wars Rey Cosplay to see. Not only that but she is a fun girl who is happy to engage with her fans and never takes herself to seriously, which makes her awesome.

Honestly I feel like I am selling her short she has a fantastic selection of cosplay and if you like what she does and wants to see more then check out this Houston natives links below :






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