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We are at issue 30 and Shattered Grid is becoming more and more intense. With few options left Zordon is forced to do the unthinkable and ally with Rita. You have to image how humiliating this would be, going to ask your arch Nemesis for help in doing the one thing your supposed to be good at. You can bet that Rita will savor this. Though if you are wondering why they are asking her for help?

Well asking Rita does give two advantages:

  1. She is the original source of Drakkon’s powers and

  2. It is a totally unexpected move that no one will see coming

Meanwhile Drakkon is making his preparations, melting down the corpse of Saba and consulting Finster-5 about what is to come, he seems very prepared for the Rangers and this has me more than a little worried…

As for the Rangers they continue to bond and gather their forces, even managing to repurpose the Black Dragonzord to serve their own needs. Not only did the Rangers bring their gear but we can see that they have a variety of Zords at their disposal including the Dragon MegaZord, The Thunder Megazord, the Wild Force Megazord and many more. Trust me they will need these especially once they see the other Zords that Drakkon’s forces have ready for them.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Pink Ranger’s will make the difference. If you think about it the first two new members to join the MMPR team where Pink Rangers and not only that but we have the Ranger Slayer back out in the field too, though this time she is working with Grace. Original Kim does get a massive upgrade this time but I don’t think we will be seeing the last of her just yet.

The battles begun but I think this tale is far from over and we will all be looking forward to its epic conclusion.

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