Wendy’s Hit Mcdonald’s With A Savage Infinity War Burn

I know I have been hitting you all with a lot of negative Infinity War stories recently and I would feel bad for doing so, if it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoy making you all feel as miserable as me, simply because I am a complete bastard.

Though I am not a heartless bastard and since so many of you have stuck with me through this dark time, I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings on this upbeat Infinity War related story. This story is about an even more important war, one between Wedny’s and McDonald’s.

In an act of pure internet savagery Wendy’s put this tweet out yesterday and the internet went crazy…

I have seen other sites do a complete break down of this ad to explain it to their readers but honestly I am not going to do that, I think you can all get the reference and maybe a few burgers too… (Maybe I am not breaking this down because I am a bastard or maybe it’s because I respect you guys to much to do that)

This is the latest in a long line of bold moves by Wendy’s and in the end I have a lot of respect for Wendy’s, its brutal yet simple and now I want a dam Baconator.



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