Avengers Infinity War – Leave Star-Lord Alone

Warning Spoiler Alert

Since Infinity War came out there has been a lot of crap said about Star-Lord and how he messed everything up. Honestly, I cannot completely disagree with this statement. For the weirdos out there, who have not seen the film yet want to read this article I will set the scene. A team consisting of Iron Man, Dr Strange, Spider-Man, Mantis, Drax and Star-Lord have managed to subdue the mad Titan, they are so close to removing the Infinity Gauntlet when Star Lord realizes that his now beloved Gamora is missing and probably dead. In his now rage filled grief he manages to mess everything up and this leads to Thanos eventually gaining all the stones and wiping out half of everything.

Before we get into the nuances of Star Lords mental stability, I will point this out, in every scenario that Dr Strange looked into, only one would give Earth’s mightiest heroes a win, all other paths lead to failure. So, for some reason, one which we will never know, if Star-Lord did not mess this up, then Thanos would have freed himself and still killed half of everything. I can only assume in this alternate timeline Thanos would just straight up murder everyone on Titan.

So, moving on from the abstract it’s time to deal with two major factors that give me a lot of sympathy for Star-Lord, his past and his present. As a child he was abducted by a group of aliens, led by Yondu, and though we find out later that Yondu truly loved him, this will have scared and damaged Peter in many ways. One is that Peter never really had a chance to grow up, he has matured but not like a normal human, think of children raised by animals or ones who grow up feral due to neglect and you will know they are different than the average human child. Now imagine where the child is abducted and raised by aliens, ones who kill for a living. Peter is going to show rash and impulsive decision making, which we have seen since the very opening of the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie. 

That’s his past, well what about his present. Peter fell in love with Gamora, she was his superior in every way and not only that her honour and goodness managed to bring out the old him, the kid who got beat up by a group of bullies that had just killed a frog. It’s that Peter who went after Ronan and it’s that Peter who is a hero. As much as we love it when he is a dick, we can’t help but route for the underdog with a heart of gold that he is. Now imagine you had someone in your life, someone that brought out the best in you, someone who would fight for and die for, because don’t forget he did sacrifice himself for her, imagine that that person was ripped away from you, imagine what that would do to you.

At his core Peter never stopped being this kid and Gamora helped remind him of that.

Just looking through a list of negative things grief can do to you these popped up and seem to match Star Lords temperament – 

  • Making big life decisions or drastic changes – You know attacking an immortal god like creature

  • Being hard on yourself – He blames himself for not killing Gamora or being with her when she died

  • Developing Apathy – You know generally not caring about things, such things could include the fate of the universe

  • A Mental Fog – That could impair your better judgement 

(I should also mention that not too long ago Peter was forced to murder his father and had to relive his mother’s death all over again, not to mention the death of his surrogate father, he is going to be in a pretty fragile place going into Infinity war, which should probably explain why he was feeling vulnerable around Thor)

In short grief can cause people to feel like they are losing their minds, now imagine if you were abducted by aliens as a child, aliens who were mercenaries and thieves, ones that threatened to eat you, of course you’re not going to react in the most mature fashion to losing the person that keeps you going, the one thing that makes you feel real, in the end what he did was stupid but in his stupidity there is a logic that people over look, never forget that sometimes other people’s logic is anything but logical. 

As with my look at Thanos, I should mention that these are just my opinions and are not fact.


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