Avengers Infinity War – The Fate Of The Asguardians


I came away from Infinity War heart broken and honestly it keeps getting worse. Though the there is some light at the end of this tunnel. Recently Joe Russo was doing a Q&A at the University of Iowa he let slip some semi-good news about the Asguardians and Valkyrie. If you think back to the beginning of Infinity War we see that the Asguardian ship has taken heavy damage and most of the crew is dead or dying. Carnage is everywhere and Thor is barely able to fight. At this point you would like myself assume that Thanos has wiped out the last remaining Asguardians, which to me was very confusing, especially since he wanted to wipe out, half of everything, turns out not everyone was killed and we missed more than we knew.

According to a Redditor at the panel, Russo confirmed Valkyrie did survive Thanos’ ambush. The director would not reveal how, though he did say a portion of the Asgardian civilians managed to get out alive. Russo went on to explain that some of the ships escape pods where used. Many have assumed that Thor would send Valkyrie to help lead, guide and protect the survivors. She would be the logical choice because not only would her rank lend her authority but she has been out in the universe and therefor have the much needed street smarts to help protect the now vulnerable people of Asguard.

Sadly the Director would not confirm what happened to everyone’s new favorite rock man Korg. The Redditor said they asked Russo whether the character managed to survive. The director said he wasn’t “willing” to reveal Korg’s fate just yet…

One more Asguardian that is of note was Lady Sif who did not appear in the latest Thor film, Marvel producer Kevin Feige has gone on record to say that due to her absence she is still alive. So there is another bit of  good news for anyone worried about the extinction of an entire species and we can assume that she is off world completing a mission for fake Odin aka Loki.



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