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Could Daredevil Be in Infinity War?

It must be hard making Lego sets these days. Especially if these sets are linked to major motion pictures. In the past few years the Lego sets have accidentally revealed a little to much, such as Snoke’s Appearance in The Last Jedi and also Giant Man in Captain America Civil War. Now there is a chance that they have done it all over again. One fan doing his best Hawkeye managed to catch this tasty little Easter Egg in an upcoming Lego set.

This link is tenuous at best but its still  pretty brilliant move by Lego and I wont lie it would be awesome to have the Defenders appear in Infinity War. Of course the only problem right now is that Draedevil is currently M.I.A and it would have to be Danny Rand as the Draedevil. Either way though unlikely the idea does sound interesting.

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