Star Trek Discovery – “The Wolf Inside”

Still stranded in the mirror universe, Burnham must try to save the lives of a group of rebels whom she has been ordered to annihilate by the Terran Empire while still maintaining her cover as her darker counterpart. Meanwhile, a growing fear within Lieutenant Tyler consumes him and threatens the chances of the Discovery returning home.

Open up and say Aaaaaah

Burnham has started to go into her own heart of darkness and is doing everything possible to hold onto her compassion and goodness. Throughout the episode we hear her inner most thoughts as her log. She is most defiantly afraid. Her thoughts are further delved into with the tender moments of dialogue between her and Tyler. Of course this all comes to a head when Michael admits that she loves Tyler only to find out that he is her most hated enemy. Micheal being the pragmatic sort, uses this heart break to fuel her cold hearted performance for the Terran Empire. Fortunately any chance of loosing her resolve is gone when she encountered Mirror Sarek who upon melding with her helped rekindle the fire within her, sadly this would be all undone with the arrival of the Emperor, who  in this universe is their Philippa Georgiou (I did predict this). Which undoubtedly has left Burnham unnerved and shocked. We are also left wondering how many Rebels escaped and what is the relationship between the Emperor and Micheal in this universe?

Its good to be the king !

One of the more touching aspects of this episode is the concept about not loosing yourself to your surroundings. This lead to a wonderful scene between Burnham and her Captain. Burnham in a desperate bid to be good takes a huge risk to help the rebels, even when Lorca tells her not to. She clings to federation ideals as to her these are not only worth dying for but these are worth compromising herself for. In the end we know that her gamble must have worked because decades from this point the Klingon-Carassian Alliance would eventually become the dominant power in the Mirror Universe.  Of course this continues the cycle of war and hatred just this time with the humans as second class citizens. Personal theory is in this universe Wings released the song Live And Let Live instead of Live And Let Die, because everyone hear needs to just get over their crap.

The stand out performance for this week falls to  Shazad Latif where it was revealed to the surprise of no one that Ash Tyler was a cover for Voq. This has lead to a few interesting questions:

  1. How much of Ash was real?
  2. Can the Ash part of the personality ever triumph?
  3. Is he truly Klingon or is he now part human? (I mean ideologically)
  4. Was he drawn to Burnham because of their shared trauma or because there was something between them?
  5. What next for Voq?

When the internal struggle goes external

His jump between the two rival minds was more like a battle for the soul with both sides pushing harder till eventually he snapped and reverted to Voq. Though what I find interesting is that right up until he became Voq he fought hard, hell even when he was Voq it felt forced like he was still denying part of who he truly was and finally why as Voq did he not turn Burnham in? Is there a chance that he may actually love her, or that Ash still fights for her?

Of course all this is all for not unless the Discovery can escape, which is has no chance of doing without the help of the Spore Drive. It was nice to see Tilly step up with a solution, maybe pretending to be a brutal captain has brought our a more commanding side in her personality. Sadly this did not pan out how she wanted but in the end a solution has appeared in the unlikely alliance of Paul Stamets and Paul Stamets. It appears that both discoveries have Spore Drives and both use the same human hybridization technique to make them work. Now trapped between realities the two Paul’s will need to find a way to get both their crews back home. I am just curious if good Paul is kind of a dick then what about Mirror Paul?

How many Astro-Mycologists does it take to get your ship home?

Interesting to note:

  • Sarek’s facial hair is a nice reference to Mirror Spok in the original series 
  • Not only can the imperial flagship cloak but that it can fire from cloak – The only vessel to have done this in the main universe was the Scimitar.
  • Andorians and Telorites make their long awaited appearance in Discovery 
  • Saru appears to be good but less hostile in the Mirror Universe
  • In the Mirror Universe there was also a Battle of the Binary Stars 



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