My Favorite Overwatch Cosplay

With Cosplay now officially apart of the zeitgeist its hard to imagine that this was once a fringe hobby. The scene has managed to create a whole industry and now goes hand in hand with any major convention and all of geek culture. Of course a game like Overwatch would easily inspire a die hard fan base and if you mix that with Cosplay you easily get some pretty amazing outfits. Here are ten of my favorite Overwatch Cosplay’s.

Spiral Cats – Mercy (Original)

What kind of Cosplay list would be complete without a mention to the Spiralcats, first brought to me attention in a by Vice this is an original Mercy costume worn by team member Tasha. Though plenty of other cosplay user’s have done this before its the Wing’s that really got me, that and just how perfect the costume was. If you need more of these cosplay cats in your life check these links out – FacebookHomepage

Amouranth – Tracer (Original)

Amouuranth is a coplay chameleon, serious follow her on Instagram. Her Tracer is one of my favorite costumes mostly because though the girl has definite sex appeal she puts all that aside and takes on the adorkableness that is Tracer. If you like what you see check out these links InstagramTwitterTwitch – Patreon


The best Mech Suit I have seen yet. Gungriffon really out did themselves with this one. It seriously looks like the actual suit


Another Cosplay Chameleon Pixielate might as well be DVA. Seriously when trying to pick out a top DVA outfit I ended up flaking out and choosing a top three. Defiantly an extremely talented Cospalyer and one worth following. Not only that but this self described Cosplayer and  Kawaii Fashionista (the girl does have style) has an amazing adorable online store. Also don’t forget to check out these links – FacebookYoutube – Twitter – TwitchInstagramPatreon

Jannet Incosplay – Widowmaker Original

I had to double check this one, because honestly I was not sure if was real, seriously how can she look this much like the character ! If like me this sniper has pulled a cupid and pierced your heart then you should check these links out – InstagramFacebookPatreonTwitterYoutubeHomepage

Just Cosplay & Props – Genji Original

Just discovered this on Facebook and all the little details with the green lights just blew me away, yes it’s not the Lime Green of the original but I think this Neon Green just pops and really helps make this Cosplay stand out. For more awesome stuff check these links out FacebookInstagram

Knitemaya – Witch Mercy

I honestly did not want to add in another Mercy Cosplay it’s just the Witch has always been so dam popular. That and Knitemaya cosplay literally looks like Mercy has jumped from the screen and into real life. If you look at this picture and don’t start humming “I’ve put a spell on you” then you fail at nerd life. Though I am unsure of the Cosplayer’s gender, I have seen conflicting reports online, all I will say is the cosplay is bewitching and bloody awesome so please keep up the good work. If you want to see more check out these links – Facebook – InstagramTwitter.

Mathoz – Bastion Overgrown

This just looks like an exact recreation of Bastion and the sheer attention to detail won me over. Seriously I had to double take because I did not know that this was a costume. If you love this beastly bastion have a look at his – FACEBOOK

 Thomas DePetrillo – REINHARDT Original

You ever want to see a $9000 dollar Cosplay, well here’s one for ya ! Sadly this single picture does not do the costume justice. Dear readers check this article out on why it has impressed me so much. Any costumes that takes this much effort is worth a mention.


Last but not least we have SAMSKYLERART, not only does she have the costume right but it appears that she has the perfect attitude for playing the role of Sombra. If you want to see more then check these links out – InstagramTwitterFacebookHomepage

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